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Post yoga smoothie

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with Cade Martin for over a decade. He’s the brilliant photographer and genuinely nice guy responsible for the portraits of yours truly on my website. Cade’s hosted a handful of yoga workshops and recently asked CREATED by Kathi Hersh to provide a healthy, post-workout treat. The vegan […]

The joys, and dangers, of working from home*.

Launching a new business means many hours at my computer, which these days is on our kitchen island. While design projects are keeping me particularly busy I take occasional breaks to browse for simple, healthy recipes using what’s on-hand. These muffins come together in a snap and are great for breakfast alongside Greek yogurt for […]

He’s in! Now what do I feed him?

My husband recently agreed to give a Mediterranean-style meal plan a try. What do I mean by “Mediterranean-style?” Here’s Livestrong’s take: “The Mediterranean diet pyramid looks different from other food pyramids. Social eating and physical activity sit at the base, supplying the foundational piece of the regimen. Research has shown that, traditionally, people in Mediterranean […]

“What’s in this dip?”

Am I going or not? Day job drama had me turned around, and the book club dinner I’d anticipated for weeks was suddenly more than I could handle. Until my AMAZING and supportive husband came home and reminded me it’s times like these we need our friends the most. The gathered group included many I’d […]